Specialty Coffee is our true passion and at Cedar CreekCoffee we roast every batch with tender care because each cup of coffee is made especially for you to enjoy.

Whether you need a quick “pick me up” cup of coffee in the morning or that relaxing cup to share with your friends after a good meal we have the right specialty coffee blend for you.


In addition to our Colombian house blend we also have delicious flavored blends such as French Vanilla, Blueberry, Hazelnut, Fresh Blackberry, Chocolate Raspberry and other new flavors that we introduce on a regular basis.

We use high quality 100% Colombian coffee beans that are gently slow roasted for optimal flavor releasing compounds to emerge and produce an exemplary rich coffee flavor that will be unlike any coffee you have ever tasted.

This is not like your standard, everyday, store bought coffee that has been sitting in a coffee warehouse for untold months before it ever gets to the store shelves. The problem with big brand coffee is that the roasting occurs in huge lots and then sits around and begins to loose its flavor before it ever gets to the retail outlet for sale to the consumer. Big brands of store bought coffee, grocery store whole bean hoppers, and even popular gourmet coffee shop brands have been roasted months earlier and have been slowly deteriorating on the shelf since that initial roasting took place.  Cedar Creek Coffee is now and will always be roasted to order in small hand roasted batches by our special hands team to make sure that every batch is fresh and full of flavor when it gets put on grocery shelves or is sent directly to your home.  We regularly rotate our stock in stores to ensure freshness.

Unfortunately many people do not know how gourmet specialty coffee is supposed to taste because we have become desensitized to accept a below average grade without even knowing it.

Cedar Creek Coffee beans are freshly roasted and shipped quickly for minimal impact from the elements. We use one-way valve foil coffee bags which removes air from the coffee beans for preservation and longer term freshness.  All of our specialty coffee blends are roasted by our special hands in small batches as needed.  This approach ensures the best quality available and provides you with the unsurpassed coffee experience that you deserve.

We have a strong belief that every person has great value no matter where they come from or who they are. All of the people who roast coffee at Cedar Creek Coffee are special in their own way, including several who have unique challenges based on the disabilities they have. We incorporate all the gifts of the people who work for us to produce our unique “Special blends made by special hands.”

Every individual has great value, each offering unique talents to make our world a distinctly better place.  We strive to recognize those talents in every person and leverage those unique talents to produce the best specialty coffee for you that we can.

At Cedar Creek Coffee, we appreciate those distinctions. Some of our workers are young, some older, some have disabilities and some do not. Together they create these “Special blends made by special hands.” Every person has exceptional value of some kind. Everyone is important, especially you and that’s why we make specialty coffee the way we do.

From all of us, thank you for purchasing Cedar Creek Coffee.

Let us show you our special blends made with our special hands



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